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Yanghoon Kim

Yanghoon has 18 years of experience in the hair industry, including training in various technologies and products. He has run a private salon for 9 years and has worked as a main hair stylist for many major hair salons in South Korea. Not only that, he has also directed hair for many Korean TV shows, dramas, movies, and celebrities, under the supervision of one of the top hair stylist in Korea, Oh Min. Now based in Canada, he serves a diverse clientele with globally recognized hair products, offering not just hairstyling but newfound confidence, backed by top skills, quality products, and a caring team.

Jain Koo

Jain has many years of experience in hair styling. One of the most remarkable achievements in her career is 8 years of experience working with one of the top hair stylists in Korea, ihee. During that time, she directed hair styles of many celebrities especially in movie and TV shows. She also has a diploma from Saas by Avida Sun, a prestigious hair academy, and another diploma from L’OREAL Professional, a leading brand in hair products. She is skilled in semi-permanent make-up procedures, which she learned from another diploma course. Ja In is a professional and experienced hair stylist who can create various styles and looks for his clients.

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Why Style Story?


We have worked over 10 years with some of the most popular hair stylists from Cheongdam-dong, Seoul, South Korea which is the Asia’s hair styling hub. We directed many celebrities in movies and TV shows and it’s not something that everyone can get easily experience.


Before we came to Canada, we never stopped learning to make sure to provide the most advanced technologies and skills to their customers. Even after being an expert, I, Yanghoon completed Hair Stylist program in Fanshawe College to be on top of the hair market trend.


We only use verified hair products from US, France, Korea, Japan and etc to not only making a hair looks good, but also caring them for a long term. We want to make sure the salon is not just for cuts and perms; it should be where customers are happy and satisfied when they leave the shop. The one thing we never stop is keep changing for betterment.

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Jiyoon Park, Announcer

Sung Yu-ri, Singer

Lee Ah-hyun, Actress

Im Soo-jung, Actress

Choi Yeo-jin, Actress